An Old A.I.M. Convo w/ my Mom

chattycathie23: hey son its almost dinner time
coolbro69: wut the heck mom where did u get my sn.

Baseball was Invented in a Day

She always looks the same way, like some
Needs need to be met.
You really don’t know that I am flying through space?
More lost than ever.

Than- “Used in comparisons, to introduce the basis of comparison.
She has some issues with transformation.
Loves however you please,
You think baseball was invented in a day?

And We’re Finally 14 Now

Google “Apple in a Crab Tree”
It’s raining jewelry.
Shit there and just
look at me, okay?

It’s nothing new,
not like riding the eternal rainbow.
Back seat driving is for those
who ride in the back seat.
So fuck off.

If You Have Any Tips…

Spread yourself out like a blanket.
You anxious woodpecker.
I’m a woodpecker too.
Soda that’s pressed into a can.
Shake me baby, shake me!

"This discovery to me was personally astounding"

Calculations can tell you
what you want to know,
for example, do you remember
the first time?

Standing there.
With what feels like nothing.
Just to realize it’s been there all along?
Lyrics by Limp Bizkit

Patent pending.
Please someone help me.

Losing When All You Have Left to do is Win

Trying to find that one kayak
you know the one with bedazzled sides?

NM - I’ll just make one when I get home.
In the meantime, trying to find a river
It was always easier anyways

I’m Hiding - JK im just lost in ur basement

This dark place
is just my room
holding onto nothing
because it feels like something

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Don’t Worry Grandma - Everything is Going to be Alright (Optional)

From the ground perspective
of a plane headed towards earth,
where the ground is space and
the airplane is a block of cheese



How do you even spell Yahtzee?

i saw two dead raccoons fucking on the highway,
i wanted them as pets but mom said no.
i asked her if we could play video games after dinner.